High Performance appliance

ready to use solution based on open-source technology 

PROXMOX, pfSense, OPNSense, BSD-RP, RouterOS, VyOS, DANOS and many other open source software / tools are tested working perfectly

BITBOX already trusted by several business such as Network Access Provider, Internet Service Provider, System Integrator, Cloud Provider, Government Agencies, Educational Institutions, Schools, Hotels and many others

Open Appliance

suitable for any implementation scenario from routing, firewall, load balancer, or just simply install popular OS such as Linux, Windows, BSD operating system can be use as medium-sized server. Simply Open.

Virtualization Support

Intel VT-x technology compatible with KVM, VMware, XEN, Hyper-V and any other virtual machine technology. Also works with OpenStack and containerization such as Docker.

Competitive Price

Many customer have achieved significant cost savings since implementing our solution.
We offer the best value per performance that optimize and simplify your business.

Flectra CMS - a big picture

High Performance Appliance for your open networking application
Technical specification may change without notice.

Designed in Sukabumi, Made in Shenzhen.

Our Customers

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